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  Technical Bulletin TB09-2015 -Rev 7

Updated with extended lifetime on Tron TR30

Subject:  Battery Lifetime on battery powered GMDSS products
Product: Tron SART, Tron SART20, Tron AIS-SART, Tron VHF, Tron TR20, Tron 40VDR, Tron 40S, Tron 40SmkII, Tron 60S/GPS, Tron 45S/SX

  Technical Bulletin TB04-2015

Subject:  Check Firmware version
Product: Tron AIS TR-8000

  Technical Bulletin TB02-2015

Subject:  Obsolete notice, batteries
Product: Tron 40S, Tron S-VDR Capsule

  Technical Bulletin TB04-2014

Subject:  How to mount a new lanyard
Product: Tron 40S, Tron 40GPS, Tron 40S mkII and Tron 40GPS mkII

  Technical Bulletin TB05-2013

Subject:  SR8200 Certification
Product: Sound Reception System SR8200

  Technical Bulletin TB09-2011

Subject:  Clarification of "Beacon test results" measurement values
Product: Tron 40S MkII

  Technical Bulletin TB08-2011

Subject:  Wheelmark label moved
Product: Tron 40S MkII

  Service Bulletin SB01-2011

Subject:  Software upgrade
Product: Tron UNIDEC

  Technical Bulletin TB07-2011

Subject:  Marking of battery production date and authenticity
Product: EPIRB, Radar Transponder and VHF Radio

  Technical Bulletin TB06-2011

Subject:  Bracket expiry (clarification)
Product: FB-4 /FBH-4

  Technical Bulletin TB07-2010

Subject:  Self test
Product: EPIRB

  Technical Bulletin TB04-2010

Subject:  Printing error on 'Battery due label"
Product: Lithium Battery Tron TR20

  Technical Bulletin TB03-2010

Subject:  Lifetime on battery powered GMDSS products
Product: Battery

  Technical Bulletin TB07-2009 (revised 2011)

Subject:  Test procedure
Product: Tron AIS-SART

  Teknisk Bulletin TB07-2009 (in Norwegian)

Subject:  Testprosedyre
Product: Tron AIS-SART

   Technical Bulletin TB06-2009

Subject:  Compliance to new SOLAS regulations
Product: Tron SART20

  Technical Bulletin TB01-2009

Subject:  Terminering av 121.5 MHz satellitt peiling i Cospas-Sarsat systemet
Product: EPIRB

  Technical Bulletin TB05-2007

Subject:  Quick setup guide
Product: Tron UAIS TR-2500

  Technical Bulletin TB04-2007

Subject:  Annual testing of Jotrons EPIRB
Product: EPIRB

  Service Bulletin SB01-2007

Subject:  Some Jotron products discontinued from January 1, 2007

  Technical Bulletin TB02-2006

New amendments to Solas from 01.07.2006

Subject:  Battery & SBM label
Product: Tron 40S

  Technical Bulletin TB01-2005

Influence on Jotron products

Subject:  UTC Correction on January 1, 2006
Product: Tron UAIS TR-2500

  Service Bulletin SB02-2005

Only available in Norwegian

Subject:  Change from 2 to 5 year maintenance (NOR/NIS)
Product: EPIRB

  Service Bulletin SB01-2002

Subject:  Type approved only with use of Hammar hydrostatic release mechanism
Product: Tron 40S