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Cospas-Sarsat Organisation
Information of international satellite system for search and rescue.

  • 406 MHz Beacon Decode Program

  • Handbook of Regulations

  • International Telecommunication Union
    An international organization within the United Nations System where governments and the private sector coordinate global telecom networks and services.
  • Search for ship particulars

  • International Maritime Organization
    The United Nations specialized agency responsible for improving maritime safety and preventing pollution from ships.
  • Satellite EPIRB Registration Information (GMDSS Master Plan)

  • Information of mobile satellite communications.

    Telenor Maritime Radio
    Information of terrestrial coast radio, radio licencing and inspection.
  • Elektronisk skjema for å søke om VHF lisens

  • The Norwegian Ship Register
    Information of Norwegian ship Register (NOR) and Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS).

    Norwegian Maritime Directorate
    The directorate’s main goals are to prevent accidents and to achieve a high level of safety for lives, health, vessels and the environment.
  • NIS Circular

  • NMD Circular

  • Norwegian Regulations

  • Sjöfartsavdelningen, Norrköping, Sweden

    United Kingdom
  • EPIRB Registration

  • US Coast Guard Navigation Center
  • GMDSS Info

  • NOAA Satellite and Information Service
  • USA - EPIRB Registration

  • Bermuda
  • EPIRB Registration

  • Cayman Islands Shipping Registry
  • EPIRB Registration

  • Government of Canada

  • EPIRB Registration

  • Australia
  • EPIRB Registration

  • New Zealand
  • EPIRB Registration

  • More GMDSS Info