EMA follow SOLAS-74 Convention line.

Last Circular letterfrom EMA, 04.07.2006 states:

IMO Circ. 1039 and 1040 are inforce

SBM for EPIRBs can be done only by service company,which is Authorized by EPIRB manufacturer.

If EPIRB is elderthan10 years, it is not allowed to change battery, EPIRB should bereplaced.

All EPIRBs should be coded with MMSIprotocol.

All EPIRBs should be registered in EstonianMRCC.

Service companies should be licensed by EMA.

Itis advised to ship owners to install makes of EPIRBs, if there ismanufacturer
in Estonia.

Previous Circular, issued13.12.2002 is not valid any more.

Information received2007-05-30